Sunday, February 25, 2007

Thrilled to be 50

Turning 50 feels like an opportunity to declare my Self to the universe.
I believe that Anything is possible and now more than ever believe that we are ageless beings.

I am grateful for Everything that has happened in my life so far. I have been blessed with a wonderful Mother and Father and siblings to grow up with. I am SO happy that they were agnostics with a little atheism thrown in for good measure. I felt this is w
hat got me my start on living an authentic life. I invite All That Is, to live through me, every moment so that I live life Directly as opposed through my sets of belief and practiced patterns of thought.

It was through my own direct experience that I "see" that All is Love and All is Well.

Happy Birthday to me.

Party Pictures

The beautiful teacups and the punch bowl
The table is set.
Guests arrive and are seated.
After the meal there was much drumming.

My beautiful crew who made it all possible.
I love you!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Four Agreement Wisdom

On Tuesday evening, the
moderator picked the topic:
"Let your life be transformed.
When you stop making assumptions, your word becomes impeccable, and your life is completely transformed. Magic just happens in your life. What you need comes to you easily because spirit moves freely through you."

On Thursday Afternoon, the subject will be a quote from the book,
The Voice of Knowledge by Don Miguel Ruiz;
"Our true nature is to play and explore, to live in the moment, to enjoy life.
As little children, we are completely authentic. Our actions are guided by our instinct and emotions; we listen to the silent voice of our integrity. Nobody teaches us to be that way, we are born that way."

peace and love

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Happy Birthday To Me

It was my birthday on
February 17th.
I am posting this photo for
my birthday cause this was a very special night.
On the full moon this month, we gathered around a large fire and drummed and sang.
It was icey cold, -4* or so, and there were shiny icicles everywhere. My 2 youngest kids joined us,
Jesse single-handedly built the fire.
Scotia slid on the frozen creek and swung on the rope swing in the dark.

For my birthday, I am planning another gathering at my place this Saturday. I want everyone to bring a musical instrument, and dress up (whatever that means to each person) and my 2 eldest children will be here to be the hosts.
I am breaking out all my collectible china and planning on lots of wonderful food and wine!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

This Week The Topics Are:

The Wisdom Group will meet this Tuesday at 7:30 to discuss the Topic:

"I am what I am. I accept myself as I am. I don't need to please other people by pretending to be what I am not. I can never be what I am not. I can only be me, and that's it."

On Thursday we will gather together to consider:

"Spirit is formless, but our minds are structured from the conditioning of our parents, school, media, and society. Following set patterns of thinking has helped us to survive and get along in life, but at the same time these structures often cause us to judge ourselves and others and retrict our communication with divine love and light."

peace and love

Sunday, February 11, 2007

New 4 Agreements Topics

This week on Tuesday night, we will considering the quote:
"I create an image for every secondary character in my story. The only thing I know about the secondary characters is the story I create about them. The truth is that I don't know anyone, and nobody knows me either."
from the Voice of Knowledge by Don Miguel Ruiz

On Thursday afternoon, the quote to ponder is:
"Take your life and enjoy it. You are alive, so take your life and enjoy it. You were born with the right to be happy, to love, and to share your love. Just to be--to take a risk and enjoy your life--is all that matters."
from the 4 Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz
The moderator for Thursday asked that we write down 5 ways in which we enjoy ourself and 5 ways in which we enjoy others.

peace and love

Friday, February 02, 2007

4 Agreement Wisdom

On Tuesday evening. we will be pondering the suggestion;
"I will live my life in Gratitude...beginning with myself and continueing with my brothers and sisters. List 10 ways you appreciate yourself"

On Thursday afternoon, the moderator picked a card with a quote from The Voice of Knowledge,
"We are born in truth, but we grow up believing in lies. One of the biggest lies in the story of humanity is the lie of our imperfection. When we believe this lie, we use the lie to judge ourselves, to punish ourselves, and to justify our mistakes."