Monday, October 29, 2007

Self-Love, Forgiveness and Acceptance

The topics for the Tuesday night Wisdom Group is:

The 3 points of healing are Truth, Forgiveness and Self-love.

-page 178, from The Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz

On Wednesday afternoon we will discuss the card,

"Accept others the way they are, you cannot change other people.
To try to change them to fit what you want them to be is like trying to change a dog into a cat, or a cat into a horse. They are what they are and you are what you are."
~ from The Mastery of Love, by Don Miguel Ruis

peace and love

Monday, October 22, 2007

More Fun for the 4 Agreement Wisdom Group

On Tuesday evening we will be having a special viewing of the film, "Living Luminaries"
It is a semi-documentary featuring several inspirational people. Don Miguel and Don Jose are interviewed in it.
As is Eckhart Tolle and many others.

On Wednesday afternoon. we will be musing on the quote:
"I create m
y story according to the truth, instead of lies.
When I refuse to believe in lies, everything in my life changes, just like magic. As I recover the power of my faith, my will is free again, and what I can do with that has no limits."
~Don Miguel Ruiz from The Voice of Knowledge

peace and love

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Shine Edgar Didge workshop in Nanaimo

I am arranging Didgeridu/didgeridoo lessons and Didge healing sessions at my house October 22.
Master Player, Shine Edgar from Australia now living on Cortes Island is coming down for a workshop or two.
I took some lessons with him 2 years ago at Leah Morgan's house (seen here playing her didge) It was a memorable experience.
I look forward to another session with him and invite all who may be interested to check out this ancient instrument.

The Parasite and Freedom

The topic for Tuesday evening is, quite simply,
"The Parasite"

For Wednesday afternoon, we will consider the 2 Imaginings from the Wisdom Group material:
"Imagine living your life without being afraid to take a risk and explore life.
Imagine what your life would be like if you were not afraid to lose anything."
~don Miguel Ruiz

peace and love

Sunday, October 07, 2007


Happy Thanksgiving.

On Tuesday evening, the moderator chose the quote:
"In the dream of the planet we have the need to justify everything --- to make everything good or bad or right or wrong, when it is just the way it is period."
~Don Miguel Ruiz

On Wednesday afternoon, the topic was taken from the List of Group Ethics:
"We know that was is false will ultimately collapse, but what is true will always remain true. We also know that we can only give what we have, we coannot give what we do not have,"
"In remembering not to take things personally, we are free to not believe anyone, including ourselves."

peace and love

Monday, October 01, 2007

Love love love

On Tuesday evening the moderator chose the card:
"Transform your life with self-love.
From now on, let every action, every reaction, every thought, and every emotion be based on love.
Increase your self-love until the entire dream of your life is transformed from fear and drama to love and joy."
~don Miguel Ruiz

On Wednesday afternoon at 3:30 we will re-visit last week's topic:
........"we decide to live our lives in free communion with God, with no expectations.
We will live our lives with gratitude, love, loyalty, and justice
beginning with ourselves
and continuing with our brothers and sisters.
~from The Circle of Fire Prayer by don Miguel Ruiz

peace and love