Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mount Everest

My brother Brian and his team summited Mt Everest!

One of his team who he was guiding has an interesting story. The 1st Canadian with diabetes to summit Mt Everest. His website is here:

A group of Vancouver climbers, led by Brian Jones and John Furneaux of Canada West Mountain School

For Brian, 47, and Sebastien Sasseville, 28, the ascent caps their bid to climb the Seven Summits - the highest peaks on each of the seven continents - a distinction held by less than 200 climbers in the world. It is also the first time a Canadian climbing company has led expeditions to the tops of all Seven Summits.

Brian Jones, John Furneaux, Then Dorje Sherpa, Minga Sherpa, Pasang Sherpa, and Chedden Sherpa, reached the top of Mount Everest at approximately 9:30 a.m. Nepal time on Sunday, May 25th (8:45 p.m. Saturday, May 24, 2008 Pacific Time), some 13 hours after setting off from Camp 4.

All returned safely to Camp IV where they will spend the night before descending to Camp II tomorrow morning and back at Base Camp on May 27th.

About the team

Brian Jones is the owner of Canada West Mountain School and a Certified ACMG/IFMGA Mountain Guide. In addition conquering Everest, Brian has also led successful expeditions to the other six of the Seven Summits - Denali (Mount McKinley), Aconcagua, Elbrus, Vinson Massif, Kilimanjaro, Carstensz Pyramid and Mount Logan. He has also worked as a Mountain Safety Guide for several Eco-Challenge expeditions in BC, Australia, Morocco, Argentina and Fiji.

John Furneaux is a Canada West Mountain School instructor and a Certified ACMG/IFMGA Mountain Guide. An experienced climber, John has led expeditions to Cho Oyu, Mount Waddington, Kilimanjaro, Mount Kenya and Mount Logan.

Sebastien Sasseville is a Vancouver climber diagnosed with Type One Diabetes in 2002. He has now become the first Canadian with Type One Diabetes to reach the top of Mount Everest and to climb all Seven Summits.

Everest from the South Side in Nepal

Base Camp - 17,500 feet (5350 meters)

This is a picture of the popular South Col Route up Mt. Everest. Base camp is located at 17,500 feet. This is where climbers begin their true trip up the mountain. This is also where support staff often remain to monitor the expeditions and provide medical assistance when necessary. Many organizations offer hiking trips which just go to base camp as the trip is not technically challenging (though you must be very fit).

peace and love

Toltec Tradition of Stalking

The Tuesday evening Wisdom Group will be moving to a new location.
The new hosts will be responsible for getting the topics and then I can pass them on here.

On Wednesday, we will be meeting down in the field. We will be continuing with my Introduction to Stalking. Using our breath and our intent, we will be recovering our precious energy from any unwanted beliefs and agreements we may be unconsciously holding on to.

peace and love

Monday, May 19, 2008

Don't Believe and Transformation

On Tuesday evening we will be looking at the "5th" agreement:
" Don't believe me, don't believe yourself and don't believe anyone, but Listen."
~Don Miguel Ruiz
On Wednesday afternoon. we will continue with the introduction to Stalking which is a tool in the Toltec tradition to increase our awareness in order to transform unwanted agreements.
peace and love

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Namaste from the Himalayas

My brother, Brian Jones, is presently climbing Mt. Everest.
He has a blog where he is keeping his friends and family updated.
For those interested please check out his blog Mountain School
I am thrilled to be able to follow a family member on such a huge undertaking.
I feel like I am getting a taste of a great adventure, though it is not one that I personally feel drawn to go on.

all my love. Brian.

Monday, May 12, 2008

For Tuesday evening the moderator picked the card:
"Love is Kind and Just.
When you are in love, a smile is always on your face. You feel good about yourself and because you are happy, you are kind.
Love is also just, when you make a mistake, you pay only once for that mistake."
For Wednesday afternoon. we will continue with our Introduction To Stalking; which is a tool the Toltec tradition uses to increase our awareness and to recover our energy from memories.
peace and love

Monday, May 05, 2008

Respect and Love and Our Heart

On Tuesday evening the topic of the 4 Agreement Wisdom Group will be the quote:
"Create new agreements based on respect and love.
Take the responsibility to make new agreements with those you love.
If an agreement doesn't work, change that one and create a new one. Use your imagination to explore the possibilities."

~from The Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz

On Wednesday afternoon, the moderator will lead us through a Heart Meditation and through an exercise of Stalking our past agreements in order to transform them.

peace and love