Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Dear All,

The combined groups are going very well. They seem to compliment one another perfectly.
Next Tuesday at 4pm will be the 4(5) Agreement Wisdom Group with the topic:
"Be truthful with yourself.
When you are truthful with yourself, you start to see everything as it is, not the way you want to see it. The wounds in your emotional body are covered by the denial system. When you look at our wounds with the eyes of truth, you can finally heal these wounds."
~Don Miguel Ruiz from The Mastery of Love

Starting at 5:45, everyone is welcome to have a potluck. Its always interesting to see the variety and different combinations of wonderful food that shows up!

peace and love

Wednesday, January 05, 2011


Next Tuesday at 4pm we will meet for an Eckhart Tolle Silent Group. All are welcome. After 5:30 we will have a potluck and social gathering for anyone who wants to stay or join us after the meeting.
The following Tuesday we will have the 5 Agreement Wisdom Group and the topic is:
How can I fall in love with myself? and How can I be more loving to myself? Identify as many ways that you can think of.

peace and love